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Department of Ayush,
Government of India
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Awshad is an antidote to the side-effects of modern lifestyles.

Our range of vegan, gluten-free and organic full spectrum tinctures and topicals have been developed to help you look and feel your best. Simple.


people reported relief from anxiety


people reported improved quality of sleep


cancer patients reported decrease in pain


Improved mood and appetite

Rooted in the past. Reimagined for the future.

Awshad combines hemp healing properties with botanical extracts, rigorous lab research and cutting-edge technology to make the highest quality hemp oil products that’s fit for the discerning Indian consumer.
  • Legal Licensed under the Government of India’s AYUSH Ministry
  • Unique flavour profiles Built on the foundation of the incredible versatility of hemp
  • Premium products Made with highest quality hemp available in the country
  • Transparent and open Backed by knowledge and free from stigma
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