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  • Arthritis Relief Oil

    It’s effective and easy to carry. Our Arthritis Relief CBD …
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  • Intenso Relief Balm

    Intenso Relief Balm is a CBD-based slow-release balm made of plant …
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  • Menstrual Pain Relief Oil

    Here’s a solution to your monthly-dreadful days and constant cramps …
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  • Migraine Pain Relief Oil

    Here’s a super effective solution to your constant throbbing headaches …
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  • Limited Edition CBD Massage Oil 4500mg

    Price: Rs. 2500/- Festive discount: 50% Final price: Rs. 1250/- Quantity: 100ml bottle Strength: 4500mg …
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  • Limited Edition CBD Massage Oil 1000mg

    Price: Rs. 1000/- Festive discount: -50% Final price: Rs. 500/- Quantity: 100ml bottle Strength: …
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