Arthritis Relief Oil

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It’s effective and easy to carry. Our Arthritis Relief CBD oil roll-ons are a powerful way to find respite from pain and inflammation and, that too within minutes.

This product does not need a prescription.

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Cannabis Sativa Leaf Extract – 15%
Cocos Nucifera – 85%

Our roll-ons allow CBD oil to penetrate the layers of the skin, making you feel relaxed as you experience lasting relief.

How to use

Our Arthritis Relief oil can be applied topically to the area of concern and used multiple times a day.


Store it in a dry place at room temperature or lower and away from exposure to light.


Made for topical use only
Product can stain light color clothing.
Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse your eyes immediately.
People with sensitivity to smell might find the product odour strong.
Use under the advice of a registered ayurvedic medical practitioner.

4 reviews for Arthritis Relief Oil

  1. Karthik Raju (verified owner)

  2. Gowrishankar M (verified owner)

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very beneficial in relieving pain instantly

  4. Varun (verified owner)

    Used it for plantar fasciitis and saw great results in reducing inflammation. 10 thumbs up ! Simply unbelievable!

    After trying the pain relief ointments and oils for a week from a pharmacy as prescribed by Ortho, this did the job the others couldn’t do in a matter of hours !

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Arthritis Relief Oil