Intenso Relief Balm

Intenso Relief Balm (Buy One Get One Free)

Intenso Relief Balm is a CBD-based slow-release balm made of plant based pain-relieving components like menthol, camphor, and cannabis extract. Our Intenso Relief balm is excellent for focused attention and offers therapeutic effects to subside inflammation and chronic pain in all affected areas such joints, lower-back and more.

CBD balms are safe to use with minimum to no side effects.

This product does not need a prescription.

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1 × Intenso Relief Balm
intenso mocks 01
1 × Intenso Relief Balm (Free)



Camphor – 10%
Hemp extract – 3%
Menthol – 4%
Eucalyptus oil – 3%
Wintergreen oil – 35%
Balm base/jelly base – 45%

How to use

Intenso Relief Balm is intended to be applied directly on the skin. When applied liberally, you will notice that the area of concern will slowly start giving you warmth and eventually, help you get rid of the discomfort and pain. This is why we call it slow-release intense relief!

Made for topical use only. Apply it to the area of concern to attain relief. Use this product under the guidance of your doctor.


Store it in a dry place at room temperature or lower and away from exposure to light.

Best before 18 months of manufacture.


Made for topical use only.

Allergy: Please read the ingredients carefully before applying the product.

People with sensitivity to smell may find the product’s odour strong.

Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact, rinse your eyes immediately.

Use under the guidance of a registered ayurvedic medical practitioner.

Intenso Relief Balm
Intenso Relief Balm (Buy One Get One Free)