Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1500mg (30ml) – Peppermint

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It’s cool and it’s refreshing. Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1500mg in peppermint flavour helps you focus better, deal with anxiety, reduce inflammation and pain, and also helps manage insomnia. This bottle lasts between 1 to 3 months.

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5% Hemp leaf extract
93.5% Cocos Nucifera
1.5% Flavour

Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1500mg combines the best principles of Ayurveda with intensive lab research to provide solutions for ailments arising from modern-day lifestyles.

Better concentration levels
There are days when one feels a bit disoriented and unable to concentrate. Our product helps improve concentration levels. This product also creates a sense of calm that helps you to focus better and for longer durations of time.

A common issue that most people face on a day-to-day basis is anxiety and this product can help reduce it. The CBD oil once taken leads to a relaxed mind that eventually reduces stress in the body as well.

Inflammation and pain
Strenuous physical exercise and over-exertion can sometimes lead to chronic pain. If ignored, it leads to inflammation and severe pain as well. This product reduces inflammation and also works effectively against any kind of muscle and joint pain caused by physical injuries.

Some people often struggle with sleep deprivation and constantly look for natural ways to cure it. Vijaya CBD Oil helps in regulating the sleep cycle to provide a peaceful and calming effect on the body that helps to naturally fix irregular sleep patterns.


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Licence Number: MP25E/21/898

Additional information

How to use

Shake the bottle well. Place the prescribed dose under the tongue (sublingually) using a dropper. Hold it for 30 seconds, and then swallow it.

Sensitive to flavours? Mix the oil with your drink or food.


Store it in a dry place at room temperature or lower and away from exposure to light. Avoid touching dropper to mouth to preserve the quality and integrity of the product.


To be taken under medical supervision
Do not consume alcohol while consuming CBD products
This medicine is not to be consumed by:
· Pregnant or breastfeeding women
· People with heart complaints and stroke patients
· People with liver disorders

3 reviews for Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1500mg (30ml) – Peppermint

  1. Anonymous

    Extremely effective. Great sleep. Soothes aches and pains. Reduces stress greatly

  2. Anikendra Nath Sen (verified owner)

    Has ensured a good and restful sleep as also relief from aches and pains arising out of old age

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    my pain has not reduced and mentally also still feeling depressed and irritated.

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