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Here’s something fresh and new from brand Awshad. Now, avail the all-natural benefits of health and wellness from Calmashroom, a combination of CBD and cordyceps capsule that is becoming increasingly popular in India. Both of these ingredients work together to offer a holistic support to the body. Calmashroom effectively works on your endurance and energy levels and additionally, it has proven to enhance athletic performance as well.

Cordyceps capsules are safe to consume with minimum to no side effects.

This is a strong potency product.

This is a prescription-based product. Don’t have one? Awshad helps you get one at the checkout page.

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Each capsule contains cannabis leaf extract and cordyceps

250mg of Cordyceps Militaris

150mg of Active Cannabis Extract

Blended with Excipients

500mg per capsule

No. of capsules – 15

How to use

For best results, take one pill a day or as advised by a medical professional before or after 30 minutes of eating, and at least 1.5 hours before sleeping.


Store it in a dry place at room temperature or lower and away from exposure to light.

Best before 24 months of manufacture.



Use under the advice of a registered ayurvedic medical practitioner.

Do not consume alcohol while consuming CBD products

This medicine is not to be consumed by:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • People with heart complaints and stroke patients
  • People with liver disorders

From: 1,999.00