Arthritis Relief Kit

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This is a prescription product. Don’t have one? Awshad helps you get one at the checkout page.

Total Savings: Rs 990/-
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1 × Arthritis Relief Oil (Combo)
Calmasule Plus Bottle Box Mockup 01
1 × Calmasule Plus (Combo)
Includes free doctor\'s consultation with Dr. Kapil or Dr. Bachao worth Rs. 500/-


Dealing with painful inflammation and stiff joints? We’ve got a great combination for this. Our Arthritis Pain Relief Roll-On can be easily used to get rid of your pain. What makes it even more effective is our CALMASULE plus capsule that contains the therapeutic properties of both CBD & THC.

You can use the Arthritis Pain Relief Roll-On throughout the day as and when required and take the CALMASULE plus capsule along with it as directed by a certified Ayurvedic doctor.


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