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A brand’s success can only be measured by how satisfied the customers have been while using a product. And if the recall value is high, there is nothing like it. Awshad, as a brand never wanted to be in the rat race, it purely exists to help people navigate through the overall well-being and modern-day lifestyle-related issues that one may end up facing. 

The inception of Awshad

Like every start-up, we too were sitting with crossed fingers, hoping to hear a positive response from the market. For us, this was even more challenging because we were entering a market where people were either not aware of a product like this or had their initial apprehension towards it. We were not sure how and when will the market accept us, and understand us and so, we thought of a simple market strategy. 

We broke it down for everyone – our communication, vision and mission. We started from the basics, that is, imparting knowledge to everyone on what medical cannabis is followed by our processes, legalisation, benefits and much more. We knew all of this information will be overwhelming, so we set up a team of experts and Ayurvedic Doctors who could make this process smooth and steady for us.

Customer reviews

Like every brand that is looking for answers and feedback, we too first went to our friends and family, asking them to try the product. When we got a green signal from them is when we felt a boost of confidence in our product. We knew this is going to revolutionalise the way people see health and medication in India. 

Some of our customers were already familiar with CBD, and that made it easy for us to tap into their lives. Now, at the convenience of their home, they were getting top-quality CBD products, and they could not be happier about it.Niren Gupta, who was obsessed with CBD products could not stop appreciating our Full Spectrum CBD Oil claims that a single drop of the tincture is enough to start the day with as it helps to keep his stress levels in control. So much so that he calls Awshad products a life saviour.

From slow growth to a regular customer base that kept coming for more, it has been quite a journey. The rise in sales expanded rapidly once we introduced our pet product – Full Spectrum CBD Oil exclusively made for pets suffering from anxiety, restlessness, and joint pain problems and are fighting grave health issues like cancer. Many people who were in dire need of healing their pets came forward and asked us many questions regarding the safety of this product. They had their answers with the positive result they witnessed while giving their pet Awshad’s CBD Oil.

Our confidence grew further when a doctor showed trust in a product. Dr Uktra Namshum had her own life experience with Awshad. She mentioned, “I thankfully caught the early signs of arthritis, and a friend immediately recommended me to try CBD. However hesitant, I began to do my research on it. Finally, I picked up a product from Awshad. I feel at ease and more active than ever. I don’t let my pain take control of my body. And Awshad tincture has helped me with it.”

From Adriana Lopez who was struggling with month period crampsand body pain, to Abhijit Pradhan, who had arthritis and was quite conscious about his body, Awshad’s products help them naturally fix their health ailments. 

For someone who constantly reviews health and wellness products, Author and columnist Vasudha Rai too benefitted from Awshad’s Full Spectrum Vijaya Oil. It not only helped her sleep better but also helped her with her everyday anxiety. 


We are so glad to be part of everyone’s wellness journey where one feels the need to enhance their lifestyle most naturally. With so many more products coming up every month, we assure you that there will be something for everyone. If you’re on the road to recovery and healing, we know that Awshad will be an ideal companion of yours. 

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