Can I travel with CBD products?

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Fear of flying is a real thing, and many people experience anxiety and panic while travelling. People have tried using relaxants to control this situation and have often resorted to the use of CBD oil to help them calm down.

Especially in times like today, with the outbreak of covid-19, people are not very confident about travelling and thus, depend on CBD oil to help manage the potential stress around the concept of travelling for work and leisure. The real question now arises – can one even travel with it?

Even though the popularity of CBD has been on a rise worldwide, unfortunately, people are still apprehensive to use it as the legality of CBD oil still lies in grey areas in many countries

Some of the prime factors that must be kept in mind are –

CBD is legal to carry in India if you have a prescription.

Travelling with CBD in India

As per the NDPS ACT, CBD oil derived out of the stalks of the cannabis plants can be legally purchased and used in India. This means, just like you purchase bhang, a popular form of cannabis used during festivals in India, you can also buy CBD oil. This also means that you can easily travel with it too. However, it is best advised to keep a trusted doctor’s prescription handy to avoid any confusion and hassle last minute. If in case any legal/airport authority wants to verify the same, you can present them with the prescription.

Travelling internationally with CBD oil

It is a bit tricky to judge the situation outside of the country you are living in. One must write to concerned officials and do thorough research online before packing in your CBD oil while travelling. The reason is that not all countries consider CBD oil legal in their region. Some countries have heavy fines and consider travelling with this particular product a punishable offence of up to 15 years in prison, whether it contains THC or no THC.

Another problematic issue is that even though the country you are travelling to considers CBD oil to be legal, it does not automatically make it legal for you to travel with it on any type of flight. So, it is best to check with the concerned airline before you plan your trip. Some parts of middle-east and Sub-Saharan Africa take this matter really seriously and serve the death penalty as a punishment for carrying the same.

One must not take chances and avoid getting into any kind of trouble internationally where laws regarding CBD oil aren’t listed out properly. Canada has legalised it in all 50 states but in the United States of America, it varies from state-to-state.

Tips for travelling with CBD

• Do carry a prescription to avoid any delays and cross-questioning at the airport. It will always come in handy. Keep your packaging and label handy too.

• Take a printout of the ingredients listed out on the product you’re carrying or take a screenshot of the lab test provided by the brand.

• Notify the concerned officials that the product has been verified under the Ayush Ministry of India.

• Do thorough research on the states and countries you’re flying into so that you can plan your trip well and not fall into any legal hassle. Alternatively, you choose to buy CBD at

your final destination to make sure you steer clear of an unpleasant experience that you may not want to encounter.

• Pick a form of CBD oil that may adhere to the rules of air transport. Check online, on the airline website or even call their call centre to check their rules of travelling with CBD oil.