Growth of Awshad

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Awshad was initially born to provide modern-day solutions for a modern lifestyle but gradually, the brand emerged to become a wholesome solution provider for health-related ailments. From a tiny office in Delhi where a team of two jammed together and charted out their whole plan to slowly expanding into a full-fledged team of like-minded people, it’s been quite a journey so far. And this is only the beginning. 

What is Awshad 

Awshad (pronounced as Au-shad) is a Sanskrit term that essentially means Medicine. Even though scientifically it means this, the brand is not here to provide a cure for everything. On the contrary, the brand stands for providing solutions so that one can live their life with ease. 

Expansion of Awshad

We know how people are constantly looking for natural health remedies. The urge to replace heavy medication and chemical-based solutions with solutions that are far less complicated has become a priority for those who are reading up more and more about the side effects of heavy medications. This is why, Awshad wanted everyone to get a taste of medical cannabis that is derived from the stalks and leaves of the hemp plant. They promised everyone that they would make products that are not only environment friendly but also vegan and cruelty-free. 

The aim of the brand is simple and linear – to extract the purest form of CBD Oil straight from the source where at every step the process is standardized. Right from the extraction process to bringing quality products to the table, the brand wanted to make sure that everyone can have the finest experience of consuming CBD, no matter what form they choose to take it in. For this, it was ensured right from the start that all the products will undergo rounds of clinical testing with no preservatives and no artificial flavouring and that’s why, Awshad products come with an expiry date. 

From everyday issues to health issues that are far greater than others, CBD is the possible answer to all. While ongoing research shows us the wide world of health ailments that could be cured by cannabis, Awshad since the beginning wanted to tap into the lives of those who believe in the power of CBD, one step at a time. 

While the team was so busy researching and finding out what the customer needed, one did not realise that a small start-up that launched 2 products was now an emerging cannabis brand in India with 12 products in just 2 years. All this expansion took place only so that people could be provided with the best medical cannabis. 

Starting from oral tinctures that showed great results for managing sleep-related issues, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, and so much more to topicals that were primarily focused on providing targeted relief, the response to each one of these has so far been overwhelming. People have gradually adapted to the new way of treating modern-day problems with products that are backed by Ayurvedic knowledge, all under the guidance of expert doctors and medicinal practitioners. 

Awshad today offers –

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil in three flavours (natural, tulsi and peppermint) and two potencies – 1500 mg and 4500 mg
  • Calmasule capsules with CBD and THC ratio – 1:1 and 2:1 respectively
  • Topicals such as Migraine Pain Relief and Arthritis Pain Relief Roll-ons for targeted relief
  • Intenso relief balm, a slow-release intense relief balm to ease the pain
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil for pets for their daily care and wellbeing

We’ve got more than 3 new products coming our way this year and we are absolutely elated to introduce these in the market. With the rise in accessibility and reach, one cannot imagine how the cannabis culture will boom in the Indian market in the coming years. We are only hoping that with great knowledge and understanding, medical cannabis as a whole will soon rank among the best approaches to treat the illnesses caused by a contemporary lifestyle. 

And with Awshad, it really is the beginning of something spectacular, something exciting. 

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