How Awshad came into existence

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In 2021, two people with different perspectives came together to form a tangible brand. A brand that wanted to change the perception of how people lived their daily life and treated their ailments. Awshad was not born out of anywhere. It was a reason to believe, for one, it was all about booming the cannabis market in India and for the other, it was an emotional journey.

The people behind Awshad
Starting with Shivam Singhee, the brain behind the conception of the brand and the in-house CBD expert. It was during his time in the USA he discovered the therapeutic effects of CBD and how easily it was able to manage his struggle with insomnia. After graduating from College, Shivam worked in a whole different sector but his heart truly belonged to CBD. He knew what he had experienced, and he wanted the people of India to experience the same. He wanted to introduce the many healing properties of this all-natural oil to India. After returning to the country, he studied and investigated the world of cannabis thoroughly for a long time and understood the rising need for it in the market. His focus was clear. Now, all he needed was to materialise what was in his mind. 

 On the other hand, came Richa, who was looking for answers and battling with a personal journey of her own. After losing her dog, Champ to cancer, she was determined to find solutions for every pet parent that she did not have during her time. After giving her dog every kind of medication, she realised how there was a dire need for a product that could heal animals naturally. She gave up on her decade-old flourishing career in advertising and marketing to become a part of this start-up. She is perhaps the driving force behind the brand, advancing it through insightful analysis, invention and well-researched data. Her experience in marketing backs her laser-focused goals, and her encounter with the loss of her beloved dog ensured that there was no stopping her from here on. 

This is when Awshad was born. The vision of the team to grow a wellness brand for cannabis enthusiasts. A trusted brand for those who are always on the lookout for natural remedies for their physical and mental strains born out of the modern lifestyle. 

What is CBD?
1 of the 100 active components found in the cannabis plant, cannabidiol, or CBD, is quite beneficial in reducing stress and anxiety. It can nearly immediately elevate mood and increase hunger while easing chronic pain. CBD can reduce insulin levels, reduce skin inflammation, and help you get a good night’s sleep. Contrary to popular belief, CBD is still not as easily available or as frequently consumed in India. To fix that, the brand Awshad came into existence.

What are the benefits of CBD?
Not only are its benefits wide-ranging but also extremely effective on a day-to-day basis. Some of the health benefits are mentioned below:

  • Alleviates pain and provides relief from chronic pain
  • Reduces levels of anxiety
  • Minimises seizures and epilepsy
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Fights side effects of cancer
  • Relief from joint pain and inflammation
  • Controls mood swings and emotional state of mind
  • Healthier skin and hair

Legality of CBD
While many are still apprehensive about consuming CBD, let us make one thing clear. As per the NDPS ACT, CBD oil derived from the stalks of cannabis plants can be legally purchased and used in India. This means, just like you purchase bhang, a popular form of cannabis used during festivals in India, you can also buy CBD oil. This also means that you can easily travel with it too. However, it is best advised to keep a trusted doctor’s prescription handy to avoid any confusion and hassle last minute. If in case any legal/airport authority wants to verify the same, you can present them with the prescription.

Rise of Awshad
Awshad serves as a platform for the potential of cannabis use in reinventing how we live, think, and feel. The Full-Spectrum CBD tinctures and topicals at Awshad have undergone rigorous lab testing before they were introduced in the market. Many trials and errors later, Awshad introduced their vegan and cruelty-free products that incorporated the best Ayurvedic principles. The brand aims at providing a stigma-free experience with its quality products, comprehensive usage and dose information. The intention of the brand has always been to provide a harmonious balance between the body and mind.

Our brand has always been human. The team communicates directly with its customers. Awshad DMs are full of personal stories and people looking for solutions and every concern is looked into with the same amount of interest. The products that Awshad offers are pure and plant-based. The brand constantly urges its customers to trust the power of medical cannabis. The brand started small by introducing oral tinctures with three different flavours and two different potencies for people to consume. Awshad also set up a team of experienced Ayurvedic doctors on our website who could be accessed easily via a phone or video consultation for people to refer an expert in case they were feeling overwhelmed with the whole process.

Gradually, as the brand saw a positive response from its customers, the launch of topicals, gummies and capsules was initiated. And now, there is no looking back. Awshad is ready to introduce a new range of exciting products that will change the way people consume CBD in the Indian Market. 

The growth of Awshad is exponential. The reach and accessibility too have no limit now. This is only the beginning of the boom of cannabis culture in India. With more knowledge and awareness, this will soon be one of the most effective ways of curing the ailments of a modern-day lifestyle. 

 It truly is the start of something extraordinary with Awshad. 

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