How long does CBD stay in your body?

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Over the years, those who have consumed CBD have vouched for the fact that it has had a positive impact on their overall wellbeing. One can say that it is an undeniable truth that people have benefitted from CBD in the long run. Be it, long-term users who have been consuming CBD for decades or the relatively new consumers who have just started their journey with it, they all have often questioned just one thing – how long does CBD stay in the body?

While the effects of CBD when consumed stay in the body for a couple of hours but CBD remains in the system for a while. Many say that the ideal range within which CBD remains in the body is somewhere between 2-5 days. But that’s not the case for everyone who consumes it. For some, it may stay in their system for a week or two or even a month. Hence, it is hard to put a duration to it as many factors have to be taken into consideration while addressing this question.

Some of the prime factors that must be kept in mind are –

Sometimes, CBD stays for 2-5 days or even a month.

Composition of the body and metabolism

Everyone is different from each other. Be it habits, body structure or age. These are a few factors why CBD reacts differently to everyone. For someone younger, their metabolism is faster. This means that CBD may leave their bodies faster than older people. For people who have more fat and less muscle in their bodies, CBD tends to remain in their system for a longer period.

Frequency of consumption

The frequency at which you are consuming CBD also plays a major role in determining the duration of CBD in your system. For those who use it once in a while, CBD tends to leave their system a lot sooner.

Method of consumption

If you have CBD after a meal, the stomach digests the food as well as CBD a lot slower. Hence, chances are that it stays in the system for a longer period. If you’re consuming it orally, topically, in the form of capsules or edibles, those factors too play a vital role in influencing the duration of CBD in your body

Consumption of CBD with other medication

If your intake of CBD is mixed with another medical drug, it can either slow down or fasten the time it takes for CBD to be eliminated from the system.

Simply put, one cannot put a timeline to this question. If CBD is used once in a blue moon, it does not stay in your body for long even if it is consumed in the form of a high dosage. If someone has been using it for a while, it may take more than a week or several weeks to eliminate it.