CBD Starters Kit

From: ₹ 2550.00

This is a prescription product. Don’t have one? Awshad helps you get one at the checkout page.

Total Savings: Rs 950/-
Calmasule Bottle Box Mockup 01
1 × Calmasule (Combo)
Includes free doctor\'s consultation with Dr. Kapil or Dr. Bachao worth Rs. 500/-


Our 500mg Full Spectrum CBD oil is relatively mild and ideal for those just beginning their CBD journey. The best way to see a difference in your everyday routine is to combine it with CALMASULE, our CBD & THC capsules.

Start your day with Awshad’s CALMASULE capsules to keep you energised throughout the day. End your day with a few drops of CBD oil to relax and unwind before getting into bed.


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CBD Starters Kit
From: ₹ 2550.00