Sleep well


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1 × Premium CBD Gummies
Awshad CBD Bottle_Front_Tulsi_1500
1 × Full Spectrum CBD Oil 1500mg (30ml) - Tulsi
Includes free doctor's consultation with Dr. Kapil or Dr. Bachao worth Rs. 500/-


Here is a perfect way of attaining restful sleep with the help of this exclusive combo. The curative and powerful properties of our 1500 mg Full Spectrum CBD oil in tulsi flavour help regulate the sleep cycle. What makes it better? Our CBD oil comes with CBD gummies to provide a calming effect on the body.

You can kickstart your day on a refreshing note by consuming our CBD gummies. Before tucking yourself in at night, consume Awshad’s CBD oil sublingually or infuse it in your tea to attain its maximum benefits.


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Sleep well
From: ₹ 6999.00