Awshad muscle recovery gel + Intenso Relief balm at 25% off

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Festive Sale!

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1 × Intenso Relief Balm (Combo)
Awshad Muscle Recover Gel3
1 × Awshad Muscle Recovery Gel – CBD-based topical for muscle and body stiffness (Combo)
Flat 25% off. Offer valid for a limited time only!
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Festive Offer: Get into the Celebratory Spirit with our CBD Duo!

Revitalize and recover this festive season with our exclusive combo offer! Experience the power of Awshad CBD Muscle Recovery Gel and Awshad Intenso CBD Relief Balm together at a flat 25% off.

Awshad CBD Muscle Recovery Gel: Crafted for rejuvenation, this gel harnesses the potency of CBD to soothe fatigued muscles and support your recovery after active celebrations or daily hustle.

Awshad Intenso CBD Relief Balm: Dive into intense relief with our potent CBD balm, offering targeted comfort and easing discomfort, ensuring you stay energized for all your festive moments.

Unwind, celebrate, and feel the joy of savings while nourishing your body and spirit. This festive combo is your ticket to ultimate relaxation and recovery. Offer valid for a limited time only! 


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