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How long does CBD stay in your body?

Over the years, those who have consumed CBD have vouched for the fact that it has had a positive impact on their overall wellbeing. One can say that it is an undeniable truth that people have benefitted from CBD in the long run. Be it, long-term users who have been consuming CBD for decades or the relatively new consumers who have just started their journey with it, they all have often questioned just one thing – how long does CBD …
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What are the benefits of CBD oil for pets?

Our best companions are possibly also the best therapists in the world. Our furry friends are there by our side, no matter what. Ever wondered how we could be there for them or how we could ensure their health and wellness is well taken care of and that too, naturally?One has read enough and more about how humans have been benefitting from the use of CBD in their daily lives but, the possibility of this all-natural extract making the life …
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Are CBD products ‘wellness products’?

Scientists have time and again proved that CBD has immense medical benefits. It has been used by cancer patients to battle the severe and painful symptoms of chemotherapy and patients have also used it to decrease the frequency of panic attacks. But there is no surprise that CBD helps fix our daily, lifestyle-related issues as well. Some suffer from anxiety and are constantly in search of a moment of tranquillity in stressful environments, and there are a few who are …
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What is real and what is not. How to identify genuine CBD products?

With the growing popularity of CBD in the market, fake CBD oil products are also making their way into our day-to-day life. For someone well-acquainted with CBD, it’s probably easy to spot a brand or a bottle that is not quite familiar. But for many newbies looking to make a switch, so many options available in the market can often lead to confusion. Don’t get overwhelmed with the variety. Today, we are here to discuss why the rising number of …