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Are CBD products ‘wellness products’?

Scientists have time and again proved that CBD has immense medical benefits. It has been used by cancer patients to battle the severe and painful symptoms of chemotherapy and patients have also used it to decrease the frequency of panic attacks. But there is no surprise that CBD helps fix our daily, lifestyle-related issues as well. Some suffer from anxiety and are constantly in search of a moment of tranquillity in stressful environments, and there are a few who are …
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What is real and what is not. How to identify genuine CBD products?

With the growing popularity of CBD in the market, fake CBD oil products are also making their way into our day-to-day life. For someone well-acquainted with CBD, it’s probably easy to spot a brand or a bottle that is not quite familiar. But for many newbies looking to make a switch, so many options available in the market can often lead to confusion. Don’t get overwhelmed with the variety. Today, we are here to discuss why the rising number of …
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7 reasons why you need CBD in your life.

This question can have a one-word answer and also, a book can be written on it. Simply put, it’s our current lifestyle that causes the need to depend on CBD. But that doesn’t mean that it cannot address grave health issues like cancer as well.  The need for CBD in our daily lives did not just arise out of the blue. With the increase in everyday lifestyle-related problems, the focus on taking care of oneself has also increased. More than fitness, …